Community Volunteers

Volunteer Registration Form 2022-2023 Season
Where would you like to volunteer? *
Which position are you willing to fill?
Liability Clause: PARENTS/GAURDIANS *
I hereby release Express Basketball Association, its executive, coaches, agents and volunteers from any and all responsibility whatsoever for death or injury to myself whether caused by negligence or otherwise while playing basketball (indoor or outdoor) or being transported to or from a basketball game or practice.
Covid19 Protocols *
I understand that in addition to coaching duties, I will be responsible to follow all outlined Covid19 protocols as directed by the Club Executive.
Coach Screening Policy *
I understand and will complete the process of screening as outlined, but not limited to, Basketball Nova Scotia – Coach Screening Policy.
Photograph/Video Consent: PARENTS/GAURDIANS *
I understand that photographs/video taken of myself by a member of Express Basketball Association may be used by Express Basketball in the promotion and celebration of our youth basketball club, its athletes and/or coaches.
What is your vaccination status?